Friday, August 27, 2004

Protesters Bare All on Day 1

Ok, who invited the fat chick?

The Republican Convention is only days away and already NYPD have arrested 25, compared to 4 arrests made in Boston at the DNC. Once again Boston loses to New York (and it is not even October yet). The main group of misfits and clowns have yet to arrive.

Lets recap day 1:
  • The protesters above removed their clothes and blocked traffic on 8th Avenue.
  • In a horrible case of prisoner abuse, the skinny chick on the end was later eaten by the large girl while in a holding cell at NYPD headquarters.
  • Another group used mountain climbing gear to hang a large banner on the hotel. The banner only lasted 30 minutes before cops removed it.
  • There was a small, peaceful march from Columbus Square to Union Square.

The sign hangers now face 25 years in jail after their stunt landed a member of the NYPD in the hospital. While dealing with the climbers, Sgt. Joseph Diaz fell into a skylight and cut up his leg. The group's spokesperson, Evan Thies, blamed the incident on the police officer. The group is charged with first-degree assault after the Diaz accident. Other charges include: reckless endangerment, criminal trespass, conducting an unlawful street show, unlawful posting of an advertisement, and failing to obtain a license to hang a sign larger than 75 feet.

On a side note, Evan Thies is the communications director for city Councilman David Yassky. Please call Mr. Yassky and ask that Thies be fired. Thies is a city employee and knowingly broke the law, he should be held accountable for his actions.

(212) 788-7348 or (718) 875-5200