Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Let The Games Begin: RNC-NYC

The Republican National Convention in only a week away and I'm ready. I volunteered as soon as it was announced and now I have my pin, polo, and my volunteer assignment. I will be helping out with media operations in the Farley Building. I've told my fiancee that I would make sure that I will be a safe distance from the convention itself. In fact, I had imagined I would be manning an informational booth - telling delegates from New Mexico that if the orange hand is blinking, you still have about 3 seconds to cross the street.
Now I have to tell my wonderful fiancee that I'll be about a stone's throw (or pie throw) from the convention. She is not going to be happy, this weekend she got mad when I told her I was my office floor "searcher", where I make sure everyone is off the floor in case of an emergency. She is really not going to like this. Any suggestions?

I will write more about my experiences in the coming week.

Update: I also volunteered for an event at Shea Stadium with delagates and the Mets. The Mets are bad. They are so desperate that the delegate who donates the most money to Bush-Cheney will get to play 1st base Wednesday night.