Monday, August 23, 2004

It Rains in Maine

Thanks to Red Line Rants for the plug. I wish that I was available to answer all the emails which came in, but I was in the People's Republic of Maine all weekend. Man do they hate Bush up there. There must be a guy in Maine who made a killing as a bumper-sticker salesman, Bush-hating bumper stickers come as an option when buying a car in Maine. Here are some other things I noticed in Portland, Maine:

  • Kids were camping out for a concert, in the rain. I thought it must be someone like Aerosmith or at least Def Leopard. Nope, Hansen. mmmm bop. Since I cannot restrain myself from these situations, I confronted the kids and found out that Hansen fans are really, really defensive. I ended up having to back down from my Hansen jokes when the gang of Hansenites circled up and started to foam at the mouth.
  • "Bookstores" in Portland have the most complete collection of anti-Bush/GOP/America titles I have ever seen. I think there was an entire section dedicated to these books. One side note, I saw a copy of "My Life" by Bill Clinton in the Fiction section. It was nice to think there was another Republican in the state.
  • Lobsters are fun to eat. I have never been able to stare in the face of my future meal. It really took over me, I started to taunt the lobsters. "Have you made peace with your maker?" I asked one of them. I really felt proud to be the undisputed top of the food chain. Damn lobsters gave me an upset stomach.
  • I think every state in the Northeast (at least NY, MA, NH, and ME) decided this weekend was a good one to do massive road construction. Thanks guys.