Tuesday, August 17, 2004

First-Class Hair

According to the Yahoo Yellow Pages there are over 200 salon's in Portland, Oregon alone, not including the surrounding area. When John Kerry decided he needed a haircut, did he call Gary's Barber Shop? What about Dale Brothers' Barber Shop on 82nd Street? Nope.

Drudge and The NY Daily News are reporting that John Kerry needed a trim before his windsurfing trip in Oregon and decided to bypass the over 681 local salons. Istead he called Isabelle Goetz who works at Washington DC's Cristophe salon - 2,780 miles away. Kerry then flew Ms. Goetz to Portland and back to Washington after the cut. Instead of supporting local business, and getting a great photo op, Kerry chose to fly someone round-trip 5,560 miles. In the end, his wind-surfing trip was cancelled due to wind.
Haircut from Chiristophe - $75
Round-Trip Plane ticket (Coach) - $1,450
Having your windsurfing trip cancelled due to wind - Priceless