Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Day 4: Belly of the Beast

I am reporting for duty. With that I was on my way to my first day of the GOP Convention.

The band of volunteers gathered in a conference room a few blocks from The Garden were as diverse as the people of New York. We had guys and gals from Jersey, Boston, Washington DC, Indiana, and South Carolina. While awaiting our escort to the convention we traded stories of what to expect when we hit the pavement. Someone told a story of anarchists with razors in their shoes. The walk to the garden was uneventful, but as we approached the Farley building the massive police presence was amazing.

My job at the media center was to inform people how to get out of the cavernous basement. Media types don't like or care to read signs. A group of Protest Warriors came by. They heckled Al Franken, asking him if he ever had relations with the New Jersey governor. Good job guys! 6 hours in a room cold enough to store meat went by and we headed back to the HQ. On the way back we ran into both Bill O'Rielly and a rolling band of communist all within 5 minutes. Bill was nice, he stopped and spoke with us, even filming a segment with a fellow volunteer. The commies had a chant...I could not understand what they were chanting. I think they were protesting soap.

Here are the media types I ran into (in order of appearance): Tony Snow, Shepard Smith, Sam Donelson, Shepard Smith, Fred Barnes, Allen Combs, Al Franken, Shepard Smith, and Bill O'Rielly. There were countless others, but I do not know their name.

Note: There is a black market for convention pins. I hit up a lady from Reuters for my first and only pin. The secret service were the best pin pimps in the building. I met a guy from a Jewish paper and he had pins from each of the past 5 conventions and he has them on display, attached to the board he carries around with him. They are like crack rock to people at the convention.