Thursday, August 26, 2004

Bush Surges, Kerry Fumbles

I guess you could call this Bush's pre-convention bounce. Bush leads Kerry 49-46. The latest LA Times poll has Team Kerry on suicide watch. This comes a month after Kerry's post convention bounce actually improved Bush's numbers (it must have been the balloons). Before that, Kerry's selection of Edwards only resulted in a tiny bounce.
From the start of the campaign Kerry has had the upper hand with his top four 527 camps which spent over $104,000,000 in ads attacking Bush, Michael Moore's mockumentary F911, and the liberal media (who try less and less to not look like a Kerry cheerleader). With all these tools and the DNC slime machine-John Kerry can do no better than to be down by 3 points going into the GOP convention, 9/11 anniversary, and the debates.
Who picked this loser?

Update: Gallup Poll has Kerry down 50-47 to President Bush among likely voters. The poll shows that Kerry has lost points in perceptions of his honesty, leadership skills and Vietnam experience. Bush now has leads in Missouri, Wisconcin, and Ohio all key battleground states. Yet another poll has Bush up by a point in Pennsylvania.