Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Shea Stadium Express: Day 5

Tuesday was the sport-themed day for the delegates. As a volunteer that meant waking up at 6:30 am and loading up delegates to head to either Chelsea Piers for and Olympic event or Shea Stadium for batting practice with the Mets. I hate the Mets, but I was not going to pass a chance to take in a day at Shea.

The day started off with talk of the random acts of disobedience which were planned. We did notice 4 protesters with a sign that read "We Made It! Now where are the college republicans". If it wasn't for the smell and disheveled looks, we could have mistaken them for a welcome party. They cleared up their message with a picture of an elephant marked out. Thanks guys. They packed up their sign and left about 30 minutes before the delegates even arrived. Off to talk about the evils of capitalism over a $5 latte at Starbucks.

We took the bus to Shea, utilizing special lanes setup for delegate busses. Cruising midtown was never easier. At Shea the delegates took batting practice and mingled with Mayor Bloomberg, Al Leiter, Todd Zeile, and Tom Glavine. The Mets are hurting so this was also an informal tryout. a guy from Ohio ended up playing third base during the game tonight. The Georgia delegation had some real sluggers with them, the Yankees should have sent a scout over. The mayor gave a press conference and hammed it up with the crowd. The Mets players signed everything that was given to them, talked to all the guests, and stayed around for the whole event.

What an awesome time. I met Wesley Clark, not the general, but a good ole country boy from Hall County Georgia. He's having a great time in New York. He laughed when I told him how much I pay in rent. Another Georgia delegate said he hadn't found a place to move into (in the city) so he's heading home to Georgia at the end of the week.

By the way, I have a baseball signed by Leiter, Zeile, and Glavine for sale. You see, rent's due.

Day 4: Belly of the Beast

I am reporting for duty. With that I was on my way to my first day of the GOP Convention.

The band of volunteers gathered in a conference room a few blocks from The Garden were as diverse as the people of New York. We had guys and gals from Jersey, Boston, Washington DC, Indiana, and South Carolina. While awaiting our escort to the convention we traded stories of what to expect when we hit the pavement. Someone told a story of anarchists with razors in their shoes. The walk to the garden was uneventful, but as we approached the Farley building the massive police presence was amazing.

My job at the media center was to inform people how to get out of the cavernous basement. Media types don't like or care to read signs. A group of Protest Warriors came by. They heckled Al Franken, asking him if he ever had relations with the New Jersey governor. Good job guys! 6 hours in a room cold enough to store meat went by and we headed back to the HQ. On the way back we ran into both Bill O'Rielly and a rolling band of communist all within 5 minutes. Bill was nice, he stopped and spoke with us, even filming a segment with a fellow volunteer. The commies had a chant...I could not understand what they were chanting. I think they were protesting soap.

Here are the media types I ran into (in order of appearance): Tony Snow, Shepard Smith, Sam Donelson, Shepard Smith, Fred Barnes, Allen Combs, Al Franken, Shepard Smith, and Bill O'Rielly. There were countless others, but I do not know their name.

Note: There is a black market for convention pins. I hit up a lady from Reuters for my first and only pin. The secret service were the best pin pimps in the building. I met a guy from a Jewish paper and he had pins from each of the past 5 conventions and he has them on display, attached to the board he carries around with him. They are like crack rock to people at the convention.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Day 3: Much Ado About Nothing

Day three could have gone either way. I told my boss that if something was going to "go down" it would occur on Sunday. With 250,000 people planning to march, including some 70's groups like the Black Panthers involved, New York braced for the worst. It could have been Chicago 1968, but ended up like...well like the anti-(insert cause) rallies in New York 2003.
I have to give credit to the 100,000 peaceful protesters who marched. What happened to the other 150,000 they were expecting? Was there a Phish show or something? Someone should look into that.

They came, made their point and left it at that. Now it is the Republicans turn to speak.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Day 2: Protest Pests on Parade

264 People were arrested as protesters switched from a peaceful protest on bikes into a roving roadblock. The protesters did more to turn New Yorkers against their message, whatever that may be. As they snarled traffic, New Yorkers stuck in the protest started to take action. One man threw a protesters bike to the side of the street after being stuck for 10 minutes. Another motorist had to call 911 after protesters surrounded his car and beat on it with their fists. There are now over 264 confiscated bikes the NYPD has to deal with.

"I personally witnessed several ambulances that couldn't get through. They had their lights and sirens on." said NYPD spokesperson Paul Browne.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Protesters Bare All on Day 1

Ok, who invited the fat chick?

The Republican Convention is only days away and already NYPD have arrested 25, compared to 4 arrests made in Boston at the DNC. Once again Boston loses to New York (and it is not even October yet). The main group of misfits and clowns have yet to arrive.

Lets recap day 1:
  • The protesters above removed their clothes and blocked traffic on 8th Avenue.
  • In a horrible case of prisoner abuse, the skinny chick on the end was later eaten by the large girl while in a holding cell at NYPD headquarters.
  • Another group used mountain climbing gear to hang a large banner on the hotel. The banner only lasted 30 minutes before cops removed it.
  • There was a small, peaceful march from Columbus Square to Union Square.

The sign hangers now face 25 years in jail after their stunt landed a member of the NYPD in the hospital. While dealing with the climbers, Sgt. Joseph Diaz fell into a skylight and cut up his leg. The group's spokesperson, Evan Thies, blamed the incident on the police officer. The group is charged with first-degree assault after the Diaz accident. Other charges include: reckless endangerment, criminal trespass, conducting an unlawful street show, unlawful posting of an advertisement, and failing to obtain a license to hang a sign larger than 75 feet.

On a side note, Evan Thies is the communications director for city Councilman David Yassky. Please call Mr. Yassky and ask that Thies be fired. Thies is a city employee and knowingly broke the law, he should be held accountable for his actions.


(212) 788-7348 or (718) 875-5200

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Bush Surges, Kerry Fumbles

I guess you could call this Bush's pre-convention bounce. Bush leads Kerry 49-46. The latest LA Times poll has Team Kerry on suicide watch. This comes a month after Kerry's post convention bounce actually improved Bush's numbers (it must have been the balloons). Before that, Kerry's selection of Edwards only resulted in a tiny bounce.
From the start of the campaign Kerry has had the upper hand with his top four 527 camps which spent over $104,000,000 in ads attacking Bush, Michael Moore's mockumentary F911, and the liberal media (who try less and less to not look like a Kerry cheerleader). With all these tools and the DNC slime machine-John Kerry can do no better than to be down by 3 points going into the GOP convention, 9/11 anniversary, and the debates.
Who picked this loser?

Update: Gallup Poll has Kerry down 50-47 to President Bush among likely voters. The poll shows that Kerry has lost points in perceptions of his honesty, leadership skills and Vietnam experience. Bush now has leads in Missouri, Wisconcin, and Ohio all key battleground states. Yet another poll has Bush up by a point in Pennsylvania.

The Raw Deal

Below is part of a speech John Kerry gave at a ceremony honoring Martin Luther King. Remember that Kerry claimed he was sent to Cambodia during the Christmas of 1968. Kerry claimed that Nixon sent him there, but Nixon was not in office at the time. The story turned out to be a big fat lie. This man wants to be our president, but he cannot look us in the eye and tell the truth on the one thing he is running on, Veitnam.
In this speech he talks about being in Vietnam in April of 1968. Too bad for Kerry, he admits that he reported for duty in Vietnam "a place of violence", in November of 1968, 7 months after the date which he claimed to a crowd in Virginia. In my opnion, another lie.

"I remember well April, 1968 - I was serving in Vietnam -- a place of violence -- when the news reports brought home to me and my crewmates the violence back home - and the tragic news that one of the bullets flying that terrible spring took the life of that unabashedly maladjusted citizen." - John Kerry (1/20/2003)
Click here for the entire speech

From Kerry's Bio here
Feb 1966 Formally enlists in U.S. Navy
Feb 1968 Deployed to Western Pacific aboard the
USS Gridley and requests duty in Vietnam
Nov 1968 Reports for duty in Vietnam

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

I Love New York

I love New York. That is one reason why I volunteered for the Republican National Convention.
While living in New York as a Republican is sort of like being a Texan at the Alamo, Custer at Little Bighorn, or even the warden at the asylum. I can get past the political misgivings of around 8 million of the 10 million people who live here. This is a great place to be.

This city was a hotbed for tourist money, but 9/11 changed that and New York was no longer seen as a place to bring the kids. Fear has kept this city from being the tourist destination it should always be. Help is on the way! The Republicans are coming and they are bringing 50,000 delegates and hordes of media with them. Not counting the protesters you have a large block of people who have never stood in Times Square at night, thousands who have never gazed at Yankee stadium, many who have never heard of a guy named Ray or his famous pizza. Give these people (even though they are Republicans) a good time and you have 50,000 people heading back to Iowa, Missouri, Tennessee with their own New York story to tell friends, family, and co-workers. The increase in tourism will be felt for generations to come. Benefiting New Yorkers regardless of political party.

So why do I really want to help out at the convention? The free polo.

Visit NYC

It Doesn't Matter What Moby Thinks

"If you're listening to a rock star in order to get your information on who to vote for, you're a bigger moron than they are. Why are we rock stars? Because we're morons. We sleep all day, we play music at night and very rarely do we sit around reading the Washington Journal." - Alice Cooper

Finally, someone said it.

It is a tired "dog & pony" show every election cycle. Celebrities and musicians flock to the most liberal politician they can latch on to. Why do Moby, The Dixie Chicks, and Barbara Streisand think they, better than ourselves, know who we should vote for? These people live their life in a protective bubble and spend their days and nights glorifying themselves. Please get down off your designer (but environmentally safe) soap box and stop telling us how to live our lives? These people, who would lose to a brick in a game of tic-tac-toe, pretend they are political experts. Americans can think for themselves and on November 2nd, John Kerry and plenty of these Hollywood ninwits will see that. Maybe this time they will move to another country, like they promised in 2000. I hear Southeast Asia is nice. How's Cambodia that time of year, just ask John Kerry.

Just because you spent time with the wife of past president Gerald Ford, at the Betty Ford Center, does not mean you are a polictical guru. So shut up and sing.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Let The Games Begin: RNC-NYC

The Republican National Convention in only a week away and I'm ready. I volunteered as soon as it was announced and now I have my pin, polo, and my volunteer assignment. I will be helping out with media operations in the Farley Building. I've told my fiancee that I would make sure that I will be a safe distance from the convention itself. In fact, I had imagined I would be manning an informational booth - telling delegates from New Mexico that if the orange hand is blinking, you still have about 3 seconds to cross the street.
Now I have to tell my wonderful fiancee that I'll be about a stone's throw (or pie throw) from the convention. She is not going to be happy, this weekend she got mad when I told her I was my office floor "searcher", where I make sure everyone is off the floor in case of an emergency. She is really not going to like this. Any suggestions?

I will write more about my experiences in the coming week.

Update: I also volunteered for an event at Shea Stadium with delagates and the Mets. The Mets are bad. They are so desperate that the delegate who donates the most money to Bush-Cheney will get to play 1st base Wednesday night.

Monday, August 23, 2004

It Rains in Maine

Thanks to Red Line Rants for the plug. I wish that I was available to answer all the emails which came in, but I was in the People's Republic of Maine all weekend. Man do they hate Bush up there. There must be a guy in Maine who made a killing as a bumper-sticker salesman, Bush-hating bumper stickers come as an option when buying a car in Maine. Here are some other things I noticed in Portland, Maine:

  • Kids were camping out for a concert, in the rain. I thought it must be someone like Aerosmith or at least Def Leopard. Nope, Hansen. mmmm bop. Since I cannot restrain myself from these situations, I confronted the kids and found out that Hansen fans are really, really defensive. I ended up having to back down from my Hansen jokes when the gang of Hansenites circled up and started to foam at the mouth.
  • "Bookstores" in Portland have the most complete collection of anti-Bush/GOP/America titles I have ever seen. I think there was an entire section dedicated to these books. One side note, I saw a copy of "My Life" by Bill Clinton in the Fiction section. It was nice to think there was another Republican in the state.
  • Lobsters are fun to eat. I have never been able to stare in the face of my future meal. It really took over me, I started to taunt the lobsters. "Have you made peace with your maker?" I asked one of them. I really felt proud to be the undisputed top of the food chain. Damn lobsters gave me an upset stomach.
  • I think every state in the Northeast (at least NY, MA, NH, and ME) decided this weekend was a good one to do massive road construction. Thanks guys.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Kerry Realigns His Position on Troop Realignment

Kerry For Troop Realignment
"I will have significant, enormous reductions in the level of troops ...In the Korean peninsula perhaps, in Europe perhaps." - John Kerry, August 1, 2004

Kerry Against Troop Realignment
"Why are we withdrawing unilaterally 12,000 troops from the Korean peninsula at the very time that we are negotiating with North Korea, a country that really has nuclear weapons. This is clearly the wrong signal to send at the wrong time." - John Kerry, August 18, 2004

It's getting to the point when monsieur Kerry can say anything and the media will give him a total pass. Here's a guy who thinks he has the guts to our Commander in Chief, but changes his position on where we will keep our troops in the post-Cold War era after only 17 days. I guess John Kerry was for troop realignment before he was against it.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Digital Redshirts

Walking down 5th avenue one day and I get stopped by this kid in a red shirt holding a clipboard. On the clipboard is a "Beat Bush" sticker. He asks me "Do you want to sign up to Beat Bush this November?" I reply "No, I do not" and keep walking. This is a major accomplishment since I have been hit with a genetic trait thatforces me to confront people like that. There was a case where I confronted a guy with a "_uck Bush" sign outside a movie theater...well that is another story.

Back to the redshirts...a few days later, I was heading into the 51st and Lex subway station and there were a pack of these redshirts around the entrance. They were not handing out RiteAid flyers or Metro Newspapers, but enlisting people in Kerry's army. I ran into them again, around the corner at the Citigroup building during the whole terror alert. "Want to sign up to beat Bush?" I was too busy checking out all the cops with machine guns to say anything smart.

Question: Why have these people stationed in New York? Would it make more sense to drop these redshirts behind enemy lines (anywhere between Las Vegas and Philadelphia). New York is not a battleground state. John Kerry knows it, he was seen throwing a baseball like a girl before cheering on the Red Sox against the Yankees. He knows New York is a lock, someone pass on the information to the redshirt brigade.

NYC Welcomes The Protesters

Think back to Boston 2005, the Democrat National Convention. The Democrats are all for freedom of speech and tolerance and love and taxes, but only if you happen to agree with them. Remember how the city of Boston and the DNC welcomed the expression of free speech? With cages under a train track, covered by netting, and ringed with barbed wire.

Fast-forward to the GOP convention in New York. The city is bending over backwards to accommodate the expression of free speech. New York is giving the same discounts to the protesters as they are delegates and letting them protest all around the city. This just goes to show which party stands up for your rights...and that Boston does indeed sucks.

New York City Welcomes Peaceful Political Activists

New York Gets Sued by Protest Group

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

First-Class Hair

According to the Yahoo Yellow Pages there are over 200 salon's in Portland, Oregon alone, not including the surrounding area. When John Kerry decided he needed a haircut, did he call Gary's Barber Shop? What about Dale Brothers' Barber Shop on 82nd Street? Nope.

Drudge and The NY Daily News are reporting that John Kerry needed a trim before his windsurfing trip in Oregon and decided to bypass the over 681 local salons. Istead he called Isabelle Goetz who works at Washington DC's Cristophe salon - 2,780 miles away. Kerry then flew Ms. Goetz to Portland and back to Washington after the cut. Instead of supporting local business, and getting a great photo op, Kerry chose to fly someone round-trip 5,560 miles. In the end, his wind-surfing trip was cancelled due to wind.
Haircut from Chiristophe - $75
Round-Trip Plane ticket (Coach) - $1,450
Having your windsurfing trip cancelled due to wind - Priceless

"The Story"

A Republican living in New York is alot like a coke addict, about to hit rock bottom. We have to lie and deceive people in order to hide our political ideals. Just recently I had to tell my boss and co-workers that I was going to Long Island week of the Republican Convention. If I told them that I would be wearing a "Republican's Kick Ass" pin and rubbing elbows with GOPers from all over the country...I would have been laughed at and looked down upon. My co-workers like to make fun of Republicans almost as much as they do the NY Mets. It is sad but true, however much the Mets deserve it.

Being a Republican in New York is hard; you really have to know how to blend in and try not to show your cards. Being a young-male-single Republican is even more difficult. Case and point: I was on a date with a very liberal girl, as we headed across the Brooklyn Bridge, she blurts out a diatribe about Bush is bullying the world..blah..blah. She then asked me what I think. I actually had to develop a story (on the spot) to hide my Republican beliefs, while making her think I cared about what she just said. I was amazed because: a) "the story" worked b) she never suspected a thing c) she must have thought I was both wise and liberal (if that is even possible). "The Story" worked so well that I adapted it and used it on another date, a job interview, and even in a conversation with a coworker. I should publish "The Story" and sell it through GOP blogs. Here are some working titles I came up with: "Pick-up Lines For Liberal Chicks", "Idiots Guide to Speaking Liberal Without Speaking Like A Liberal", or "GOP and the City". Let me know which one I should go for. By the way, "The Story" details Theodore Roosevelt's use of the Monroe Doctrine to send the Navy and Marines to South America to block an attempt by the German government to collect on some debts, almost sparking a war. Stating that sometimes the US puts its nose into places it does not belong. If you want more, buy the book.

Epilog: I am now engaged to a wonderful, but very non-Republican NY girl. I am free to expose my Republican ideals and not care about what she thinks. Instead of "The Story" I gave her my real opinion, she called me a stupid bigot.

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